Thursday, September 27, 2007

#23 Summary

I learned about many many new things. I know about podcasts, Flickr,RSS feeds,MERLIN, and learned many new words. I will have to play around more to get adept at this stuff but now I at least know the lingo. IT'S DONE!!!!!

#22 audiobooks

I used Overdrive and subscribed using my library card. It gives different categories such as the usual romance, historical fiction, etc., but also lists graphic novels. You can sort by author, title, genre, and release date. I couldn't find the release dates.

#21 podcasts

I looked around and found In this they have podcasts that are interviews with writers. I can see the library conducting a short interview when we book authors to speak at a particular library. Posting a podcast about the author would make the author accessible to more customers and enable us to have a list of author interviews for customers to hear. Podcasts are used as tutorials too. I also listened to Denver Library's stories for kids.

I subscribed to the rss feed through my bloglines account.

#20 You tube

Iwas so excited to find the Bears in the hammock that I forgot to comment. I saw this on the evening news and was able to find it in You Tube. I chose it because I went to Yellowstone National Park for vacation and saw a bear but not close up. These cubs were so funny.Can ant of the sites be edited? I would like to delete the commentary about the bears. Two TV hosts are at the end of the clip.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

#20 YouTube Bears on a hammock

See the bears trying to get in the hammock

#19 sites from Web2.0 awards

I had fun with the classified winner, Craig's list. My son uses it in VA and I wanted to see how it works. For fun Cocktail Builder shows you what you can make with linited ingredients. Yelp tells you what real people think about restaurants, services,etc. in your city. I didn't find anything library related except the library thing which would be helpful to keep track of good reads.

#18 Online productivity tools

This is a great way for writers to get feedback on new drafts. People who publish newsletters can use these to make changes or have others add content. Very useful.I wrote Ramblings publishing for my Zoho document